Amazonian BioProvince


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Natural World Heritage Sites
Noel Kempff Mercado National Park World Heritage Site (Bolivia)
Central Amazon Conservation Complex World Heritage Site (Brazil)
Central Suriname Nature Reserve World Heritage Site

Biosphere Reserves
Yasuni Biosphere Reserve and National Park (Ecuador)
Manu Biosphere Reserve and National Park (part Andes) (Peru)
Alto Orinoco-Casiquiare Biosphere Reserve (Venezuela)
Central Amazon Biosphere Reserve (Brazil)
Beni Biosphere Reserve (Bolivia)

Biodiversity Hotspots

Global 200 Sites
Southwestern Amazonian Moist Forests
Guianan Moist Forests
Napo Moist Forests
Guianan-Amazon Mangroves
Amazon River and Flooded Forests
Upper Amazon Rivers and Streams
Brazilian Shield Amazonian Rivers and Streams
Guianan Freshwater

Centres of Plant Diversity
Saül region Centre of Plant Diversity (French Guiana)
Transverse dry belt Centre of Plant Diversity (Brazil)
Manaus Centre of Plant Diversity (Brazil)
Lowlands of Manú NP: Cocha Cashu Biological Station Centre of Plant Diversity (Brazil)
Upper Rio Negro Centre of Plant Diversity (Brazil/Colombia/Venezuela)
Chiribiquete-Araracuara-Cahuinari Centre of Plant Diversity (Colombia)
Yasuní NP and Waorani Ethnic Reserve Centre of Plant Diversity (Ecuador)
Iquitos Centre of Plant Diversity (Peru/Colombia)
Tambopata Centre of Plant Diversity (Peru)
Llanos de Mojos Centre of Plant Diversity (Bolivia)

Endemic Bird Areas
Rio Branco gallery forest Endemic Bird Area
Orinoco-Negro white-sand forests (Rio Negro campinarana) Endemic Bird Area
Upper Amazon-Napo forests Endemic Bird Area
Amazon flooded forests Endemic Bird Area
South-east Peruvian lowlands Endemic Bird Area

Wilderness Areas
Amazonian (High Biodiversity) Wilderness Area (tropical humid forest)

World Ramsar Sites
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Alliance for Zero Extinction
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Important Bird Areas
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Important Plant Areas (No IPAs)
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