Central Andean BioProvince


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Natural World Heritage Sites
Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu (and surrounding mountain forest) World Heritage Site (Peru)
Huascarán National Park World Heritage Site (Peru)
Manú National Park World Heritage Site (Peru)
Río Abiseo National Park World Heritage Site (Peru)

Biosphere Reserves
Ulla-Ulla Biosphere Reserve (Bolivia)
Pilón-Lajas Biosphere Reserve (Bolivia)
Lauca Biosphere Reserve (Chile)
Laguna de Pozuelos Biosphere Reserve (Argentina)

Biodiversity Hotspots
Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot (part)

Global 200 Sites
Central Andean Dry Puna
Central Andean Yungas
High Andean Lakes

Centres of Plant Diversity
Peruvian Puna Centre of Plant Diversity
Altoandina Centre of Plant Diversity (Argentina/Chile)
Madidi-Apolo Centre of Plant Diversity (Bolivia)
Eastern Slopes of Peruvian Andes Centre of Plant Diversity

Endemic Bird Areas
Southern Central Andes Endemic Bird Area
Andean ridge-top forests Endemic Bird Area
Marañón valley Endemic Bird Area
Northeast Peruvian cordilleras Endemic Bird Area
Junín puna Endemic Bird Area
Peruvian high Andes Endemic Bird Area
Peru-Chile Pacific slope (part) Endemic Bird Area
Peruvian East Andean foothills Endemic Bird Area
Bolivian and Peruvian lower yungas Endemic Bird Area
Bolivian and Peruvian upper yungas Endemic Bird Area

World Ramsar Sites
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Alliance for Zero Extinction
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Important Bird Areas
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Important Plant Areas (No IPAs)
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