Chacoan BioProvince


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Natural World Heritage Sites
Pantanal Conservation Area World Heritage Site (Brazil)

Biosphere Reserves
Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta Biosphere Reserve (Colombia)
Pantanal Biosphere Reserve (Brazil)
Las Yungas Biosphere Reserve part Andean (Argentina)
San Guillermo Biosphere Reserve (Argentina)
Ñacuñan Biosphere Reserve (Argentina)
Riacho Teuquito Biosphere Reserve (Argentina)
Laguna Oca del Río Paraguay Biosphere Reserve (Argentina)

Biodiversity Hotspots

Global 200 Sites
Chiquitano Dry Forests
Pantanai Flooded Savannas

Centres of Plant Diversity
Gran Chaco Centre of Plant Diversity (Argentina/Paraguay/Bolivia/Brazil)
Anconquija Region Centre of Plant Diversity (Argentina)

Endemic Bird Areas

Wilderness Areas
Chaco Wilderness Area (tropical dry forest and grassland)
Pantanal Wilderness Area (wetland)

World Ramsar Sites
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Alliance for Zero Extinction
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Important Bird Areas
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Important Plant Areas (No IPAs)
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