Chocóan BioProvince


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Natural World Heritage Sites
Los Katíos National Park World Heritage Site (Colombia)
Darien National Park World Heritage Site (Panama)

Biosphere Reserves
Noroeste Biosphere Reserve (Peru)

Biodiversity Hotspots
Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena Biodiversity Hotspot

Global 200 Sites
Choco-Darien Moist Forests
Tumbesian-Andean Valleys Dry Forests
Panama Bight Mangroves (part)

Centres of Plant Diversity
Darién Province and Darién National Park Centre of Plant Diversity (Panama)
Colombian Pacific Coast Centre of Plant Diversity (Choco)
Ecuadorian Pacific Coast mesic forests Centre of Plant Diversity
Cerros de Amotape NP Centre of Plant Diversity (Peru)

Endemic Bird Areas
Darién lowlands Endemic Bird Area
Darién highlands Endemic Bird Area
Nechí lowlands Endemic Bird Area
Chocó Endemic Bird Area
Tumbesian region Endemic Bird Area

World Ramsar Sites
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Alliance for Zero Extinction
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Important Bird Areas
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Important Plant Areas (No IPAs)
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