Included here is Baluchistan. It includes part of southeastern Iran, western Pakistan, and southwestern Afghanistan. In topographic terms it includes the eastern outskirts of the Iranian Uplands to the Sulaiman Range in Pakistan, the Takht-i-Sulaiman Massif (the so-called Throne of Soloman), the Quetta-Pushin Plateau and the Taba Kakar Hills. It is generally mountainous, cut through with deserts and barren plains.

Northern Baluchistanian Artemisia-Boissiera-Poa-Stocksia Desert Scrub

Vegetation supporting various combinations of Artemisia herba-alba, Boissiera squarrosa, Poa bulbosa, Poa sinaica and Stocksia brahuica as the main species can be found in the Maslakh Range Forest in the Pishin district of Baluchistan. In fact, several different plant communities or sub-associations have been recognized. The draught tolerant perennial grass Poa sinaica and spiny shrub Stocksia brahuica predominate in shallow-rocky soils in draught prone areas. Stocksia is also commonly found in dry streambeds. Boissiera squarrosa is an annual, seasonal grass that can become prolific during favourable spring conditions, but is very susceptible to grazing by goats, sheep and mules. On clayed-sandy soils Artemisia herba-alba and Poa bulbosa become more conspicuous especially where there is protection from biotic interference. Other plant species found scattered among this complex of different sub-associations include Acantholimon longiflorum, Alyssum desertorum, Anthemis gayana, Arnebia serpyllifolia, Astragalus sericostachys, Centaurea bruguirerana, Ceratocarpus arenarius, Chrysopogon aucheri, Convolvulus spinosus, Delphinium centeteroides, Descurainia sophia, Diarthron vesiculosum, Ducrosia anetifolia, Ebenus stellatus, Erodium bryoniafolium, Gagea persica, Garhadiolus papposus, Papaver cornigerum, Polygonum afghanicum, Psammogeton biternatum, Taeniatherum crinitum, Tulipa lehmanniana, Valeriana jatamansi, Valerianella dufresnia, Ziziphora tenuior, Zoegia purpurea and the endemic or near endemic Ferula baluchistanica (Apiaceae).


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