Kermedecian BioProvince

This BioProvince (as defined by Armen Takhtajan) includes the Kermadecs, a group of sub-tropical, volcanic islands situated close to the Kermadec Trench in the South Pacific, and form a so-called ‘volcanic island arc’. The most important are Macauley Island, Curtis Island and Sunday Island, but Sunday is by far the largest and reaches an elevation of some 300 m. The flora consists of about 120 vascular plants, 16 of which are endemic. Most of the plants are allied to species in the floras of New Zealand, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island, but there is also a small Polynesian element.

The following accounts for this BioProvince have been written or will be written with particular reference to endemic and locally important species. Accounts available are displayed in green or yellow. Those displayed in red are either in the pipeline or awaiting expert contributions.


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