South Mediterranean BioProvince

This BioProvince (as defined by Armen Takhtajan) comprises parts of Libya including northern Cyrenaica and northwestern Tripolitania, most of Tunisia and northern Algeria. The geology is complex and varied, but the climate can be generally described as arid to semiarid with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The area if affected by the Sirocco, a hot, sand or dust-laden wind, which is particularly common during summer. The flora has several endemic genera including Kremeriella, Oreobliton and Otocarpus most of which are concentrated in Algeria, and of the 2,840 species of vascular plants 247 are considered to be endemic.

The following accounts for this BioProvince have been written or will be written with particular reference to endemic and locally important species. Accounts available are displayed in green or yellow. Those displayed in red are either in the pipeline or awaiting expert contributions.


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