Taiwanian BioProvince

Included here (as outlined by Armen Takhtajan) is Taiwan and the Sakishima Islands.  However, it has been suggested that the extreme southern tip of Taiwan (Hengchun Peninsula) should be regarded as a separate 'phytogeographical island' in its own right. Taiwan has a complex and varied geology. The climate is subtropical but with some north-south variation. In northern areas temperatures are mainly moderate and there is a distinct winter season, while in southern areas temperatures are slightly higher and there is no winter. Typhoons can be a problematic between June and October. The primeval coastal forests have up to 44 endemic ligneous plants and the flora appears to have more in common with certain islands, such as Hainan Island, the Volcano and Bonin islands, and the Philippine islands of Ho-shoo-tau and Botel Tobago, rather than the rest of Taiwan. In addition, the Taiwanian BioProvince appears transitional between Holarctic and Palaeotropic floras although endemism is more strongly indicated in its temperate elements. In total the flora includes three endemic genera Haraella Kudoacanthus and Sinopanax, and a multitude of endemic species.

The following accounts for this BioProvince have been written or will be written with particular reference to endemic and locally important species. Accounts available are displayed in green or yellow. Those displayed in red are either in the pipeline or awaiting expert contributions.


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