If you have any ecological or conservation experience relating to any of the bioprovinces covered by this website you are invited to make a written contribution. For each bioprovince there is currently background information and details of the primary plant formations. The plan is to expand these accounts to include details of all the higher taxonomic groups but with particular reference to endemic and locally important species. The aim is to cover the following groups: vascular plants, bryophytes, fungi, lichens, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. In each case there will be a requirement to produce a detailed floristic or faunistic account, again with particular reference to endemic species, and covering, for example, important details of ecology, biogeography and local conservation. There should be an emphasis on the particular features of the bioprovince in question, and any local conservation threats should be clearly outlined. For each of the bioprovinces there is also opportunity to provide general accounts of their conservation giving details of protected areas and species and where further action is required. All contributions will need to include a reasonably comprehensive reference list. The general idea is to pull together ecological and conservation information from across the world with the aim of helping to develop an effective global conservation strategy (see further information). Anybody that makes a contribution will become the named author of newly created webpages with full copyright status.

 All existing bioprovince accounts such as background information and details of primary plant formations are open to criticism. Anybody unhappy with certain sections is welcome to either provide comments or corrections, or to re-edit or provide an alternative account. Authorship will be given for any substantially re-edited or alternative accounts where these are considered to be more accurate and informative than existing ones.

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