Namibian BioProvince

This BioProvince (as defined by Armen Takhtajan) is roughly synonymous with the Namib Desert and represents an extremely arid coastal strip roughly extending from Benguela south to the mouth of the Orange River just south of Alexander Bay. The geology ranges from Archaen to Phanerozoic age covering some 2600 million years of Earth’s history. There is a typical semi-desert climate with hot days and cool nights. Coastal regions are cooled by the cold Benguela current, which generates a welcome fog but inhibits rain. The area contains a large number of endemic or near-endemic species and the near-endemic family Welwitschiaceae.           

The following accounts for this BioProvince have been written or will be written with particular reference to endemic and locally important species. Accounts available are displayed in green or yellow. Those displayed in red are either in the pipeline or awaiting expert contributions.


Major Ecosystems
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